Scan bodies are used for digital scans to develop CAD/CAM restorations and digital workflows.


 Detail Sheet

Snap Scan Body Detail Sheet

Technique Modules 

Digital or Traditionals Impressions Using the Snap Scan Bodies



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PEEK Scan Abutment, 3.0mm

Item #: TP3PSA

PEEK Scan Abutment, 3.5mm

Item #: PYPSA

PEEK Scan Abutment, 4.5mm

Item #: PGPSA

PEEK Scan Abutment, 5.7mm

Item #: PBPSA

Snap Scan Body, 3.0mm

Item #: TP3SSB

Snap Scan Body, 3.5mm

Item #: PYSSB

Snap Scan Body, 4.5mm

Item #: PGSSB

Snap Scan Body, 5.7mm

Item #: PBSSB

Abutment Screw, Multi-unit Abutment

Item #: PXMUAS

Abutment Screw, Multi-unit Abutment (pack of 25)

Item #: PXMUAS25

Internal / Single-stage Abutment Screw

Item #: PXAS

Internal/Single-stage Abutment Screw (pack of 25)

Item #: PXAS25